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Chairman Speech

Cairo International Fair ( CIF) is the biggest economic event that is annually held in Egypt. It has a great impact on encouraging the Egyptian industry and opening new markets with the hosted countries to get acquainted with the good quality of the Egyptian products and promote their African products in Egypt.
The First Cairo International Fair was inaugurated By his Royal Highness King Farouk at el Gezira District under the name of “The Agro- Industrial Exhibition”.
President Abdel Nasser issued the Republican Decree of Establishing the General Authority for Exhibitions and International fairs which was considered a big challenge as it was the time of 1956 War .
Despite all the political circumstances that destroyed several countries’ economies after the Arab revolutions in 2011. Our Country was able to stand still.
His Excellency president Abdel Fattah El Sisi is always aspiring us with hope after many drawbacks that could have destroyed our economy. His encouragement to the exhibition industry is embodied in his participation in the 19th and 20th session of Cairo ICT.
This year’s session of CIF is very distinguished and dear to us due to the exerted efforts to make it a very successful event starting from His Excellency president Abdel Fattah El Sisi who expressed his gratitude to all the participating countries in this annual event which enhances relationships between different countries.
Also the patronage of Engineer Sherif Ismail the Prime Minister to the exhibition, and the guidance of Engineer Tarek Kabil Minister of Trade and Industry highlighting the slogans of “proudly made in Egypt” and “People Command”.
If we want to shed the light on the guest of honor for this session I am so proud to announce “ The Continent of Africa”. Words fail to express our deepest welcoming to our beloved brothers in Africa. Egypt is an integral part of the mother continent which is the source of life for it. African countries are keen to be in Egypt and to have the Egyptian products in their countries.
This year’s slogan is:” Africa in the heart of Egypt”. All of us are exerting our best to make it a big success.
This will be translated in our warm hospitality and best services to our respectful guests. We can never forget to our African brothers their support to Egypt in its difficult times. We also desire to activate all recent trade cooperation signed treaties.
Africa is considered a big consuming market consequently; it will contribute in increasing our exports and investments in it.
I would like to seize this opportunity to announce the unprecedented partnership with Al Ahram News Agency in organizing this big event. Al Ahram News Agency is a prestigious and great edifice famous with its marketing and advertisement experience .In addition to its reputation as an enlightened and creative newspaper that satisfy all readers with its credibility inside or outside Egypt.
I would like to thank also our Egyptian Diplomacy represented in its two wings” Corde Diplomat “and “Commercial Diplomat”
Last but not least, I would like to announce the new sectors that are participating in this session which are the hand craft sectors, Egypt Export Councils, Military Production Ministry, Ministry of Agriculture, food sector, and textile sector.
Finally I would like to thank all the people who contribute in the success of this exhibition, hoping to achieve the best for our beloved country.



The Bridge connects the main auditorium halls in the main building with the Exhibition Complex. With a gross area of 1,000 sq.m. and a loading floor of 500 kg/sq.m., it is an ideal extension of the Gallery or the Exhibition Complex and can accommodate different types of exhibitions